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Welcome To Leisure Time Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats


We are located in North Snohomish County in Arlington, Washington 45 miles north of Seattle. We are a small farm consisting of quality animals. We have a manageable herd, so our goats get excellent individual care. Our goal is to breed exceptional goats from excellent milk lines that are friendly and a joy to own. Our motto is: Breeding for Type and an Udderly Full Bucket. We will strive to improve on the breed!


In light of recent events I would like to assure every buyer of my dedication to breeding a quality dairy goat that is who it is registered as. Genetics play a very important role in improving the breed. If there was ever a question of who's your daddy we would simply pull hair and DNA said kid. All our bucks are DNA'd. Several of our does are DNA'd also and will have Casein on file also. I will continue to DNA every breeding animal in my herd until all breed stock is done. I DNA 3 goats every year as an ADGA plus member.


Current goats with DNA on file living here: Sundae, Z, Pan, GQ, Magma, Fonzie, Tiger L Vis? and Ash. Does: Lacey, Mayhem, Joy, Charm, Scandalous, Rain, Georgia and her two daughters. 

Next up is Jump for Joy, Jubilation and Sophie.

IMG_4778 dairy herd june_edited.jpg

                               Highlights and Closure of the 2022 year. 

We went to 4 shows this year. Though the girls started slow with only a reserve won by Leisure Time PP 65 Corvette at the first show. We went to the Udder Spectacular in May and Junior doe Leisure Time GQ Kohala won a Grand and BIS. Then Leisure Time TW Peter Pan *B won two Grands, BOBs and a BIS. We then went to the NEWDGA show and Leisure Time SetFireToThe Rain 6*M won the first Grand & BOB of the day. Then Hetlandcreek ILM Vesuvius 6*M won the second Grand and BOB of the Day and in the last ring Leisure Time ZZ Jubilation won the Reserve Grand. During the Junior show Leisure Time PP Cinder won herself a Grand Championship and had honorable mention in the BIS lineup. She was commended for her sharpness and dairyness. The girls won 2 of Dairy herds also. Next up was the Evergreen State fair where we had a very good show winning Best three Juniors, Produce of Dam, Dam & daughter, Senior Get of Sire, Dam, Daughter and Grand daughter and Breeders Trio. I shouldn't have changed out my dairy herd, oops. 

Junior does Leisure Time Let's Bee Joyful won her April class. Leisure Time GQ Kohala won her 2nd Grand of the year. 

Milking yearling Leisure Time ZZ Black Baccara won her class, 2yr old Leisure Time ZZ Jubilation 4*M won her class and Leisure Time ZZ Mississippi 5*M was 2nd to her. Leisure Time SetFireToThe Rain 6*M was 3rd in her class of 3yr olds. Hetlandcreek ILM Vesuvius 6*M was first with Grand and BOB. Leisure Time TW Pixie Dust 3*M was 2nd in her class and Leisure Time TW Smooth Jazz 3*M was 1st in her class.

We went on to having half of the senior lineup which I'll share a pic of. 


The actual highlight of fair for me was when Sam Mielbrecht of Highland Ranch won Best Udder in Show with Hetlandcreek GQ Haleakala. Haleakala is the daughter of Hetlandcreek ILM Vesuvius and Leisure Time ZZ GQ +*B This is quite an accomplishment in our area so was super exciting! 


So overall we had a fantastic year.

All goats that leave the farm are disease tested yearly for CAE & Johnes. We did test yearly for CL and Brucellios in the first 8 years or so when we first were bringing in animals. All new animals are quarantined and disease tested for all of the above.

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