Fourth Freshening Does

Leisure Time OH Tinker Belle 2*M

DOB 2-18-14

Tink's second freshening udder                                                                                     Her first freshening udder

Broken Buckskin, blue eyes

Sire: Roshasharn BH Oh Henry +*B

Dam: SG The Blue Laced Bella 1*M


DHI records
Age/ how many kids
Yearling FF/ single
 2Yr. 2F/ quads
 3Yr. 3F/ twins

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2014 LA Young stock Score V+V V 17 1/2" 

2015 LA Score ++V+ 84 official 19 3/4"


Reserve Grand Champion Evergreen State fair 2014.


Leisure Time OH BelleOfTheBall 2*M "Lucille"

Born 2-18-14

Yearling first freshening photos

                       Two year old second freshening pictures 

Black with white, brown eyes

Sire: Roshasharn BH Oh Henry *B

Dam: SG The Blue Laced Bella 1*M

DHI Records

DHI records
Age/ How many kids
Yearling FF/ twins
2yr. 2F/ twins
3yr. 3F/  quads

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2016 LA


At The NWABGC show in June 2014 Lucille received a 1st and two 2nds.

Grand Champion out of 29 Jrs. Evergreen State fair

1st. place senior kid and Reserve Grand Champion Washington state fair.

2015 Nationals 5th place with 3rd place udder out of 30 yearling milkers.

2016 SWWDGA 1st won Grand, 3rd and 6th

2016 NWABGC 1st twice and 4th


SGCH Leisure Time TW MoondustMayhem 5*M (Mayhem)

Born 4-6-14

Mayhem is a yearling first freshener in these three photos.

Mayhem is a two year old 2nd freshener in the four above photos and in the lower photo she is a three year old winning Best Of Breed at the NEWDGA show.

Broken chocolate buckskin with moonspots and blue eyes.

Sire: GCH Leisure Time CF The Works *+B VEE89 6yrs old

Dam: SG Pholia Farm Moonlaced ByDesign 4*M VEEV 88 5 yr old

DHI Records
Age/ How many kids
yearling FF / twins
 2yr. 2F / triplets
 3yr. 3F / quads

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2014 LA young stock score +++ + 17"

2015 LA score +VV+ 84 official height 20"

2016 LA score

2017 LA score VEEE 90

2018 LA score VEEE 91 4yrs old


2014 NWABGC show Reserve Grand.

2015 Nationals 12th place out of 30 yearling milkers.

2015 Evergreen State Fair 1st place yearling milker, Washington state fair 2nd place.

2016 Evergreen state Fair Grand, BOB and BU. Washington state fair 1st, large class.

2017 NEWDGA 1X Grand Champion & BOB.

2018 at the SWWDGA show against 72 milking does Mayhem finished her championship in the first ring.