New arrivals/ for sale


Samone X Satyr

Born 2-14-18

These two boys are special they were born 11 days early and there were sextuplets, unfortunately 4 babies died shortly after birth as their lungs were not mature. They are bottle babies and are in your face friendly a special home is a must. 

Sale Pending

Demeter X Z

Born 2-22-18

           Black buck available as a wether 100.00                                               Chamoisee doe available as a pet only 100.00                                       

Lacey X Sundae

Born 2-22-18

Doe K5 Sale pending                                        Buck available as a wether  K6  100.00                Buck available as a wether K7  100.00

Lucille X Sundae

Born 2-24-18

Buck available, blue eyes 675.00  K8                                             Doe available K9  675.00

Buck available, blue eyes 675.00  K10                                                                                         Buck available 675.00  K11

Bliss X Echo

Born 2-24-18

Doe chamoisee available 425.00 K12                                                                 Buck available 425.00 K13 

Doe buckskin with moon spots K14 Sale pending                                               Buck available 425.00 buckskin with moon spots K15

Dottie X Pan 

Born 2-24-18

Buck available as wether 100.00 light buckskin K16                                                          Doe available 400.00 light buckskin K17

Joy X Penny Dreadful

Born 2 24-18

Doe Retained Black/white K18                                                        Doe broken buckskin K19  Sale pending

Buck retained buckskin

heavy white overlay K20

Buck available 650.00 buckskin minimal white K21                                              Buck broken buckskin K22     Sale pending

Tink X Sundae

Born 2-25-18

Doe light broken buckskin K23   Sale pending                                            Buck available 500.00 light broken buckskin  K24

Doe available 500.00 very flashy black/white K25

Style X Z

Born 2-25-18

Buck available 650.00 Broken buckskin white face K26                         Buck available 650.00 broken buckskin K27

Buck available 650.00 broken buckskin heavy white overlay K28 

These three bucks are very nice I can get more pics if interested, unfortunately with 52 babies on the ground I have been a bit overwhelmed and pretty pics have not been a priority. :-( I would use anyone of these bucks as a herdsire. 

Mayhem X Z 

Born 2-25-18

Buck available 800.00 broken buckskin blue eyes K29                                 Doe retained buckskin moonspot blue eyes K30

Doe reserved chocolate/white K31

CC X Pan 

Born 2-28-18 

Two bucks available as wethers 100.00 each

K32 light cream buckskin                             K33 Light buckskin

Pixie X Coconut
Born 2-28-18
Buck available as wether 100.00 K34  roaned buckskin                                 Doe buckskin blue eyes K35     Sale pending

Benny X Satyr

Born 3-1-18

Doe dark buckskin K36 available 425.00                                             Buck broken buckskin blue eyes                                                    

Doe light buckskin available 425.00 K39

Sunny X Z 

born 3-1-18

Pic coming soon Handsome gold and white buck available as wether 100.00

bottle baby. 

Mercedes X Z 

Born 3-3-18

Buck black and white K41    Sale pending                                             Buck black/white available as wether K42  100.00

Smoothie X Coconut 

Born 3-4-18 

Buck gold with white K43 available as wether 100.00                Doe buckskin with roaning K44 available 475.00

Sophie X Z

Born 3-4-18

Buck buckskin available 650.00 K46                                  Buck black/white available 650.00 K47

Doe black/ white K48      Retained                                                                       Buck buckskin available 650.00  K49

Buck buckskin available 650.00 K50

Daisy X Z 

Born 3-5-18

Buck available as wether 100.00  K52                                  Buck buckskin K53                   Sale pending 

Doe buckskin  K54           Retained                                                                           Buck white and gold available 475.00 K55

Charm X Z

Born 3-20-18  

Buck buckskin K56

 Leisure Time HB She's A Daisy 2*M 500.00 Nice doe just need to keep numbers manageable. Available now in milk

Leisure Time TT Greatest Glory 1*M 500.00 nice doe, can be bred before she leaves for additional 50.00 Doe service memo only